NOVA; was established by Mehmet Serdar Koca and Abdullah Karakimseli with “better projects, better life” motto. Our goal is, understanding the costumers needs and requests than deliver better projects for better life single handedly in a professional and expert perspective; with our high experience in architectural design and construction.

We started business with office and store fit-out projects, which is our speciality and make a reputation for it in a little while. After that, we proof ourself in the sector by accomplishing major scale housing and shopping center projects.

He was born in 1978 in Istanbul. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture, Istanbul Technical University in 2000. He completed his master’s degree at Northeastern University in Boston. His professional career started while he was sophomore. His first job was with Architect Aslıhan Ekitmen. Next, he worked in Royal Design company in Boston through 2001-2006.

In 2006, he returned to Istanbul and took part in İdemim A.Ş. as managing partner. He founded Nova Architecture and Construction in 2009. He focused on office and private residential projects, especially focusing on the shopping center projects. Besides construction of shopping centers and office buildings for major companies such as Turkmall, Cenay Group, Rakeen, Günay İnşaat and DIA Holding, his company constructed lots of office and bank branches as well.

He graduated from the Department of Architecture, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. Then, he got in the Construction Management master’s program in the Istanbul Technical University.

Later, he studied at the Business Administration Department at San Diego. Afterwards, he worked as design coordinator at  Mercedes Hadımkoy factory,  Ford Gölcük factory, Ömerler Architecture’s Istinye Park, Mall of Istanbul, Ülker Arena, etc. projects and Enka’s  General Motors St Petersburg project. He is the executive manager of Mitaş Yapı family company and managing partner of the 8atölyemimarlık partnership.